the ultimate rookies

Ten of the top rookies have earned their claim to digital collectible history as the first 1-of-1 Moments ever to be released on NBA Top Shot.




the ultimate rookies

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- Since January 1st, 27,000+ unique collectors have purchased a pack or Moment on NBA Top Shot.

- In the fourth quarter of 2023, 135 unique collectors spent more than $1,000 on average each week. In the first quarter of 2024, that number increased to 241 unique collectors (a 78% increase).

- Since November 2023, we’ve seen a 5x increase in conversion rate (as defined by first-time site visitor to first purchaser).

- Among NBA superstars’ grails (as defined by Rare and Legendary Moments from last year’s All-NBA players), we observed a 50% increase in the highest offer across their Moments and a 43% increase in the lowest ask since December 1, 2023



Starts May 17


Entering the auction? Here's a breakdown of exactly how it will work

Place your bid

The bidding starts at $30,000. Make a bid with your best offer. Not all bidders who clear the $30,000 threshold will necessarily be eligible for the final round.

The first round of bidding is a blind auction meaning other participants will not see your bid.  Note: an irrevocable bid of $30,000 has already been placed to start the auction.

Verify your bid

Our team will reach out to you and verify your bid.

You may need to provide additional information.

Final round

The first round of bidding concludes on May 22nd. The bidders accepted to the final round will submit $30k as collateral to enter the final round.

Participants in the final round will be informed of the top bid throughout with an opportunity to place a new top bid through the weekend.

Winning bid

All final round bidders will have the opportunity to exceed the top bid.

Upon auction conclusion, we’ll work with the winner to collect funds and complete the transaction.

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the ultimate rookies

First Round ends at 1 PM ET on May 22nd

Irrevocable bid of $30,000 placed